Services for property owners and architects

Design requirements, technical feasibility and financial possibilities do not always make up a harmonious threesome for building projects. The elimination of this conflict is our speciality: due to in-depth specialist knowledge, experience from hundreds of projects, the application of the latest design tools, but primarily – through good ideas.

The earlier we take part in the design, then the more probable it is that we can find ways of reducing both the constructional costs and also the operating or maintenance costs. In this regard our solutions never compromise the quality: all aesthetic, technical and legal requirements are, of course, fulfilled by us.

Special solutions for demanding buildings

Is your building project particularly large, irregular or in some other way complicated? Then it is just right for us. Our strengths are concepts which can actually be realised, particularly with complex projects. We produce detailed designs, formulate the tender and keep a check on the realisation.

Facade renovation and modernisation

To know how, where and when – then a building shell can also be modernised without the residents having to find other accommodation. We would be pleased to explain to you how this is possible, draw up an exact plan and deal with the tender and quality control.

We advise you: on canvassing, quotations, contracts

Unterlagen für ein kurzfristiges Documentation for a quick quotation, a special solution for a complex project, support with contractual negotiations? Just ask us! We only take a fee – project participation and small commission – when we are together successful.

We design for you: innovative, precise in detail, economically

No capacity, or burdened with deadline pressures, tricky problems? We will help you. And reduce the costs too.

We develop products for you: project-specific or patentable

Special solutions for special requirements? We will find them. And you can sell them.

Services for operating companies

You build facades – as a metal or glass construction company, facade manufacturer or general contractor, national or international. We support you – with company canvassing and contracts, planning and product development and with special knowledge of the German market.
We advise you: on canvassing, quotations, contracts