Special solutions for demanding buildings

Complicated geometry, wide-ranging functional requirements, integration of different subsections: The more complicated the task, the more we are in our element. This is because then specialist knowledge and experience are needed, along with creative ideas and pioneering vision. And we have plenty of all that.

Consultancy right from the start
Right in the preliminary contract phase we help you to set off in the right direction. Facade, statics, building technology and other components are subject to mutual influences - how do they optimally interact, how is the budget most practicably subdivided?
We provide sound consultancy not bound to a particular system, so that you avoid excessive costs right at the start. Almost always we can find intelligent special solutions with which you can achieve your goals even more economically.

Works planning/specialist planning
We plan ready for implementation, from the smallest facade detail through to the logistics. We take into account all the requirements of statics and constructional physics and carry out thermal analyses which reliably inform us right at the design stage about the subsequent facts.
Our plans provide clear and detailed information for the tender and can be used directly by the implementing companies. Concepts for the co-ordination of the participating subsections furthermore ensure that no problems occur on the construction site.

Facade tender and co-operation on granting of the contract
AWe use our plans as the basis for producing subsection-compatible and detailed tenders. We determine masses and formulate preliminary texts and item descriptions.
Since our planning can be 100% implemented in practice, the implementing companies can incorporate the tender on a one to one basis in their quotation. Consequently, all the quotations can be directly compared and the risk of supplements is minimised.
We also support you during the assessment and check the suppliers for competence, capacity and quality.

Specialist support in site management
So that you can depend on the quality of the implementation, we take part in construction meetings during the implementation planning and ensure conformance to standards and regulations in construction, building physics and statics. On the building site we make sure that any defects are found and properly rectified. We also deal with the quality control and documentation on acceptance.

Why it pays for you to engage us:
  • because we also find economical solutions to difficult tasks;
  • because our concepts, plans and tenders can be implemented one hundred percent;
  • because our Bonus System guarantees you full cost controls: Together with you, we define the limiting costs for the building project and we receive 10% from the economical benefit which we elaborate with respect to these limiting costs.

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