Our services for product manufacturers

Ventilation and thermal insulation, solar control and damp protection, sound insulation and fire protection... a modern facade must provide a lot - and should in addition also have an attractive appearance.

This demands cleverly thought out facade technology in which each element optimally fulfils its function. Here, often an intelligent detail is sufficient to improve a good facade system still further. We have developed such details - facade profiles, joints, subconstructions - in many projects and have thus not only improved the functions, but also reduced the costs. Some of our developments have been patented and are marketed successfully by our clients.

We develop for you: carefully, to market requirements
Those who have planned facades down to detail know what is needed. Put us to the test: We offer you complete engineering services for product development with consideration of all statics and building physics requirements and including the building physics classification (determination of the Uf values).
In addition, we handle the product support and necessary adaptation. In return you grant us a one to four percent share of the sales which you achieve with our product.
Furthermore, we are of course available to your customers as facade consultants and facade planners.

Why our product development pays off for you:

  • because, due to our experience, we develop products which conform exactly to your customers' requirements;
  • because we recognise market trends at an early stage to provide you with a lead over the competition;
  • because in your company you only need to have just that much development capacity that you really need.

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