Product development

We develop products for you: project-specific or patentable.

In many demanding projects we have learnt what existing facade systems achieve - and what they don't. It is from this experience that we develop our products for you: tailor-made for a special building or patentable for long-term marketing.

We handle the complete engineering work for the development and take into account all the requirements of statics and constructional physics. With new profiles we can also carry out the constructional physics classification (determination of the Uf values).
For „GardenTowers“ , for example, we developed about thirty new profiles with which the three types of facade arising on the building project could be combined as required. In this way we were not only able to fulfil the aesthetic wishes of the architect, but rather also our customer's requirements for a practicable and economical solution.

Why our product development pays off for you:

  • because, due to our optimally matched elements, you save time and costs during production and assembly;
  • because you can manufacture and market new products without having to run your own development department;
  • because you can achieve a better position in the market through the marketing of patented facade elements.

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