Facade renovation and modernisation

It need not always be a new building. Often a new building shell is sufficient to adapt a structure to the current demands of air conditioning, sound insulation, fire protection or appearance. This works even with on-going use - if you ask us.

Meaningful consultancy
On a facade every little screw has a function. As experienced architects, engineers and technicians, we know precisely where to intervene when the functions of a facade are to be optimised.
We know - or develop - the appropriate products, we know which parts can be easily replaced and in which sequence it is best to proceed.
We carry out analyses and estimate costs and benefits of the planned measures, such as the energy saving due to new windows.
And if you would like to know how your building should look afterwards, then we can display it for you visually - even in three dimensions and by day or night.

Works planning/specialist planning
Our plans and concepts can be realised on a one-to-one basis. This also applies when the building is to be used also during the renovation: In this case we break down the necessary measures into appropriate sections and plan the sequences and logistics such that the operation does not have to be interrupted at any time. For example, as with the Neckerman Computer Centre: While the computers operated day and night inside, the new facade was assembled step by step outside.

Facade tendering and co-operation on granting the contract
Our tenders are just as realistic as our plans. This means that they can be incorporated into the quotation without changes or supplements. Consequently, all the quotations can be directly compared and the risk of supplements is minimised. We also support you during the assessment of the incoming quotations and check the suppliers for competence, capacity and quality.

Specialist support in site management
So that you can depend on the quality of the implementation, we take part in construction meetings and ensure conformance to standards and regulations in construction, building physics and statics.
On the building site we make sure that any defects are found and properly rectified. We plan and supervise the removal of the old facade and check the quality of the new one, including the acceptance documentation.

Why it pays for you to engage us:

  • because our specialist knowledge and our structured procedure guarantees you the best costs/benefits ratio;
  • because our exact planning ensures that your building can also be used during the facade renovation;
  • because our Bonus System guarantees you full cost controls: Together with you, we define the limiting costs for the building project and we receive 10% from the economical benefit which we elaborate with respect to these limiting costs.

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