Facade consultancy

We advise you: on canvassing, quotations, contracts

If you would like to canvass for a complex project, if you have to draw up a quotation in the shortest possible time or there are contractual conditions to negotiate: Just ask us! Without obligation.
This is because it is only when you finally receive the contract that you pay us a nominal commission of 0.5 - 2% and include us in the implementation under previously agreed conditions.

Partner in technical and contractual questions
You can depend on us already in the preliminary contractual phase. As a design office for facade technology, we will produce quotation documentation for you and work out time-saving and cost-saving special solutions with which you can score over the competition. We will conduct negotiations for you, check contractual elements relevant to the design and make sure that only services conforming to the contract are asked of you. As architects and engineers, we speak the language of both the designer and the implementing company and so we can also intervene when difficult questions arise.

For a fee we can represent your interests with your contractual partner, also in the implementation phase.

We have summarised some hints on drawing up a contract in a check list which we would be pleased to eMail to you.

Gegen Honorar vertreten wir Ihre Interessen gegenüber Ihrem Vertragspartner auch in der Ausführungsphase.

Why our consultancy pays off for you:

  • because our suggestions give you a decisive competitive advantage during canvassing and for the quotation;
  • because our support with negotiations and the contract protects you from unreasonable demands;
  • because our consultancy does not cost you anything if you to not obtain the contract.

Give us a call: +49-69-820-099-0
Or write to us.